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Commitment to safety and quality, our modern fleet and experienced team ensure your materials, including contaminated soil, drill cuttings, and bulk sawdust, are transported with the highest standards.

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Hauling Expertise

Thatchwood Ventures offers reliable hauling and transportation services for contaminated soil, drill cuttings, bulk sawdust, and heavy equipment. Serving the oil and gas, construction, and agriculture industries, our modern fleet and experienced team ensure safe and efficient transport.

Experience You Can Trust

With years of experience, Thatchwood Ventures delivers reliable and efficient hauling and transportation services.

Commitment to Safety

We adhere to stringent industry standards, ensuring that all materials are transported securely and responsibly.

Transportation Of Invert Drill Cuttings

Contaminated Dirt Hauling

Bulk Sawdust Sales & Delivery

Pellet Sales & Delivery

Aggregate Supply & Delivery

General Oilfield & Heavy Hauling

Winch Tractor



Established in 2014 by Colby Krall, Thatchwood Ventures is a specialized trucking and transportation services company that provides confident support services to the Oil and Gas, Construction, and Agriculture industries. 

Featured Service

Thatchwood Ventures can provide premium grade sawdust (between 4-10% moisture content) to our customers for drilling, completions and spill remediation needs. This lightweight and heavily absorbent product saves on tonnage costs at the landfill, and is a clear economical choice to maximize your bottom line. To get a quote on your next project or book a demo on-site, please fill in your details below and we will contact you to discuss your needs.

Premium Grade Sawdust

Our premium-grade sawdust, with 4-10% moisture content, is perfect for drilling, completions, and spill remediation. Its lightweight, absorbent nature helps reduce landfill tonnage costs.

Cost-Effective Solution

Choose our sawdust for an economical solution that optimizes your budget. Its efficiency in absorption makes it a smart choice for various industrial needs.

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