Unwavering Standards

Being “good enough” isn’t good enough. We hold ourselves to such high standards so you can rest assured that when you hire us, the job will get done safely and successfully.

Partner in Success

When your project is completed on-time, on-budget and with the highest standards, everyone wins, and this only happens when we all work together.

Quality Above All

You work hard to ensure the quality of your project. We’re dedicated to the same, and it shows in the personnel we hire, the quality services we provide, and the time we take to understand the needs of your job.

Our Services

Excellence is never an accident

Our work ethic, superior service and strong client relationships have given us a reputation as one of the best transportation service companies in Northern Alberta, and beyond.

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  • Transportation of Invert Drill Cuttings
  • Contaminated Dirt Hauling
  • Bulk Sawdust Sales & Delivery
  • Bulk In-field Dry Mud Transportation
  • Aggregate Supply & Delivery
  • General Oilfield & Heavy Hauling
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Our Fleet

  • Tandem and Tri Heavy Spec Tractors
    • Multiple late-model tandem and tri-tractors available, all with dual-line wet kit systems capable of pulling end dumps or walking floor trailers
    • All units are fitted to heavy specifications, and each has a positive air shutdown module installed
    • Our tri-drive units are a popular choice for longer hauls, as they can move four to six more tonnes per payload


    5 tandem and tri-drive tractors
  • Sealed Dump trucks and Pups/Quads
    • Heavy specification dump trucks available in both tandem and tri-drive
    • Sealed aluminum boxes maximize payload and pull either a tri-pup or quad wagon


    1 tandem dump truck
    1 tridem dump truck
    2 Tri Axle Pups
    1 Aluminum Quad Wagon
  • Sealed End Dumps with Cameo Tarps and Poly Liners
    • End dumps compatible with tandem- and tri-drives, with sealed end gates, camo tarps, and poly liners
    • An excellent choice for hauling aggregates, contaminated soil and drill cuttings


    5 End Dumps
  • Super B Dump Combinations
    • For very large loads, we offer a reverse train Super B combination, capable of hauling 40 tonnes
    • This side dump/end dump combination is great for long haul projects and maximizing efficiency for our customers

  • Walking Floor for Bulk Sawdust
    • Titan walking floor trailer capable of hauling 100 cubic yards of bulk sawdust
    • These self-moving floors are a great asset for delivering large quantities of wood fiber to drilling, completion or remediation projects


    1 Aluminum walking floor trailer
  • Clam and Belly Dumps
    • Bottom dump trailers for road spreading of aggregates


    1 Cross Clam Belly Dump
    1 Bottom belly dump
    1 (T/A) side dump lead trailer
  • Step Decks/Highboys and & Lowbed
    • Thatchwood also does light and heavy general hauling. These 53’ step decks with ramps and highboy trailers are lightweight, and can carry payloads of up to 60,000 lbs. Our services include, but are not limited to: access and rig mats, prefabricated pipe spools, scaffolding, general freight, equipment and general oilfield hauling.


    2 53’ step decks with ramps
    1 53’ Highboy

Our Story

we’re here to get your job done

Established in 2012 by Colby Krall, Thatchwood Ventures is a specialized trucking and transportation services company that provides confident support services to the Oil and Gas, Construction, and Agriculture industries. With extensive industry experience, a large fleet and unwavering standards, we’ve built our business around delivering honest, best-in-class service so our clients know that we care as much about their projects as they do. Every job is unique, and we thrive on that challenge – taking pride in the work we put in, so we can be proud of the work that comes out.

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Our Safety Policy

Our Safety Policy

Cutting corners is not part of the Thatchwood way as in our industry, cutting corners can cause breakdowns, mistakes and in extreme cases, injury or even loss of life. We are uncompromising in our safety standards, and our policies safeguard our people and ensure everyone involved gets to go home safely back to their families. All our employees are well trained and are certified and experienced industry professionals. Our emphasis on safety also permeates our operations, and we continue to aggressively maintain all equipment to assure we are ready to tackle any job safely and securely.


A Career at Thatchwood

Do you value a job done right? Do you believe in honesty and superior workmanship? When someone hires Thatchwood Ventures to do a job, they trust that the end result will be something everyone can be proud of. Joining our team means being among highly skilled professionals that are dedicated to giving our clients the best service possible. Trust and honesty are important qualities to us, and that is why we put in extra effort with each new team member.

Thatchwood regularly employs a crew of approved subcontractors to help fulfill service requirements for our customers. Each contractor is screened and approved before working on Thatchwood projects. With a fleet of 8 power units and 15 trailers with various axle combinations, you can maximize your payload efficiency.

There are no career opportunities at the moment. Look back soon.